10 Reasons To Try A Juice Cleanse

Juicing is an essential part of creating health. Whether done as part of a fast  or routinely within your weekly food consumption, it may provide more cleansing  and nutrients than heavy supplement dosing. And it's cheaper.
All that's  required is a good juicer and knowing what vegetables and fruits to use. The  latter comes with practice and research. This article will help begin that  research. But the juicer part is easy.
Choose an easy to clean, slow  speed masticating juicer with one or two augers. An auger is a large screw-like  device that "chews" the produce as it forces it through, separating the juice  from the pulp.
The high speed centrifugal juicer machines create enough  heat, twisting, and torquing to damage many of the enzymes that are necessary  for us but lost in cooking and processing foods. The slow speed masticating  machines preserve them.
Centrifugal  juicers usually don't separate the pulp from the juice, and they are much harder  to clean. That's enough to discourage any busy or lazy person from continuing  with juicing. They also cost more. Slow speed masticating juicers cost  considerably less.
Some brands that offer slow speed, masticating juicers  are Huron, Omega, and Champion. The more basic the machine, the easier they are  to clean by just rinsing with running water.
You should drink the juice shortly after juicing.  Even 24 hours in the fridge reduces its potency. You should use only  organicvegetables and fruits.

10 reasons why you should juice

(1) Max Gerson created a highly  successful system of healing from cancer and other diseases with a huge focus on  juicing. He used coffee enemas to detox the liver. At the Gerson  Institute, you can expect to drink up to a dozen glasses of freshly produced  vegetable/fruit juices daily.
The Gerson method has cured stage IV cancer  patients who had gone through immune destroying, mainstream medical treatments  unsuccessfully. If it does that, think of what a lesser level of juicing can do  for your overall health.
(2) Juicing offers the most compact form  of high quantity, plant-based medicine.

(3) You can pick and juice the veggies and fruits of your choice according to what  you perceive as most beneficial.
(4) The Gerson Therapy includes  carrots to "sweeten" the mix along with greens and usually one apple that  includes skin and seeds. Greens alone tend to be bitter. The glycemic concerns  for raw carrot juice is generally overplayed.
(5) Beets also work as sweeteners for greens. Beets are terrific blood purifiers  that contain cancer inhibiting qualities.
(6) Kale begs to be sweetened by beets, carrots, or an apple. It's an extremely  bitter green that few bother to eat raw or cooked. It is considered the beef of  vegetables because of its high protein content with many other nutrients without  the toxins of animal protein foods.
(7) Throw a couple of cloves of garlic into the juicer to get garlic's maximum  benefits.

(8) Cilantro is a proven mercury/heavy metal chelator. It's easy to include a bunch  with any other items you juice at any time.
(9) Celery is an underrated vegetable. It can provide a considerable amount of juice  inexpensively with other veggie/fruit items.
(10) Apples are the among most sprayed produce items. You can select your own organic  apples to make apple juice, or simply use one in each batch of veggies as a  sweetener.
Bonus  reason: Overweight 100 pounds, chronically ill and on lots of medications,  Australian futures trader Joe Cross put himself on a 60 day juicing fast. He  lost the 100 pounds, the disease, and its required meds. A full length  documentary follows him on his USA road trip while he fasted. Here's the  documentary trailer.

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