Experts' Tips On Staying Fit During The Holidays

Fitness expert Shirley Archer explained that people can usually stay in shape throughout the holidays with as few as 15 minutes of routine exercise per day.

The holiday season is just around the corner, and with it comes the holiday  feasting, which can often make it really hard to stick to a diet or a fitness  routine. According to statistics, Americans gain about a pound each year during  the winter holidays, something that could be averted with a few diet tweaks and  a light exercise routine.
Fitness expert Shirley Archer explained that  people can usually stay in shape throughout the holidays with as few as 15  minutes of routine exercise per day. Other fitness instructors also remind us  that it's equally important to keep an eye on the holiday menu. "Everyone's diet  has a bit of wiggle room. I think it's good to imbibe a little, but be strategic  about what you'll allow. Have a little bit", says New York-based fitness  instructor Danielle Hopkins.
With that in mind, nutritionists all over  the country have come up with various low-fat, diabetes friendly, dairy free,  gluten-free, and vegetarian gourmet dishes for festive occasions like Christmas  and New Years' Eve.

Dairy-free holiday suggestions

Green beans with fresh cranberries and  spices, apricot and chestnut stuffing, veggie side dish with Brussels sprouts,  garlic and shallots, or a baked potato side dish with roasted rosemary, are all  excellent choices for a hearty, meat-free and dairy-free Christmas  dinner.
The veggie side dish is easy to prepare, requiring only half a  cup of sliced shallots, one and a half pounds of halved Brussels sprouts,  several thinly sliced garlic cloves (to taste), one tablespoon of vegetable oil,  one cup of low-fat vegetable broth or water, and a pinch of salt and pepper. To  prepare the dish, simply saute the ingredients in a pan for about five minutes,  adding the thinly sliced garlic and vegetable broth at the end. Cook for an  additional couple of minutes until the liquid evaporates and your veggie side  dish is ready for serving.

Diabetes friendly Christmas menu for the whole family

An appetizing,  celebratory Christmas menu for those who want to indulge, but also to keep  healthy could include a vegan spiced squash entree, as well as chickpea kale  sweet potato stew, grilled asparagus with mustard vinaigrette, and brown rice,  pumpkin and green shallot salad for the main course.
The asparagus side  dish can be swiftly put together by lightly grilling the asparagus on both sides  for a couple of minutes, and drizzling it in the vinaigrette made of vinegar,  Dijon mustard, oil, garlic and a pinch of sugar. A diabetes friendly dessert to  accompany this delicious dinner could consist of a light semolina pudding with  red currant sauce.

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