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More Bad News About Bread
February 18th, 2011

Most bread lists Malted Barley Flour as an ingredient, typically the second one–which means it’s the second most prevalent ingredient. Translated? There’s a bunch of it in there, and it’s bad stuff.

Sarah Palin Makes a Boob of Herself
February 18th, 2011

Michelle Obama’s praise-worthy promotion of breast-feeding has come under attack by Tea-Party twit Palin.

Does Sex Discrimination in Science Keep Women Down?
February 16th, 2011

A review in PNAS last week finds that there is actually little evidence for sex discrimination, and concludes that women’s under-representation stems from other causes.

Lavender Oil Has Potent Antifungal Effect
February 16th, 2011

Scientist in Portugal have confirmed what Herbalist have long known – lavender is an effective anti-fungal.

Specific Jobs Cause Excessive Lung Cancer Deaths in Women
February 11th, 2011

Women employed in certain occupations in the United States face a higher risk of dying from lung cancer, report researchers in the American Journal of Independent Medicine.

China Mandates Parental Controls For Online Games
February 2nd, 2011

Chinese parents will soon be able to manage their kids online gaming activity.